Pornography and other media


Sex and Bodies in Media

Stage 4 | Years 7/8

Ads, billboards, songs, music videos, movies, Netflix, Disney, Instagram, and yes, pornography. These are the sources of images and ideas about bodies, relationships, sexuality and sex that young people are inundated by. Such norms, particularly left unchecked, feed into the already desperately difficult job of entering the teenage years and dealing with body image issues and early relationships.

This workshop is about building critical media literacy, and the skills to point out where the mirror that media plays in society becomes warped.

Learning Outcomes:

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  2. .


Stage 5 | Years 9/10

Despite the fact that the vast majority of high school students have been exposed to online pornography, the ever-prevalent cultural taboo still renders it an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Left unchallenged, however, it gives an inaccurate and damaging image of sex and relationships for Generation Z to model after.

This workshop gives young people the skills to challenge what they see online, especially with regards to body image, 'Sexpectations', and gender roles. Issues of 'porn addiction' are also addressed.

Learning Outcomes:

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Matt Friedman

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Matt is an experienced presenter facilitator who has worked with thousands of young people in various capacities. He founded 2 Birds 1 Bee in 2016, the year after graduating high school, with a passion to bring these important conversations to as many young people as possible.


Matt also works in delivering the nationally-coordinated Love Bites program on sexual assault and relationship violence, and has previously served multiple roles, including as Chair of the Board of Directors, with UN Youth Australia, the country's largest entirely youth-run educational NGO.

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